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YES by Bert Hellinger

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

YES comes from the soul. It’s a movement full of strength in which we straighten up to become taller. We approach something new with confidence in order to appropriate it, to become one with it, in order to grow through it and enrich ourselves.

The YES is primarily a yes to life as it is: to our origin, as it is, to our parents as they are, to our environment, as it is, to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, with their challenges and gifts.

The YES allows us to grow. In the YES we progress from more to more, to a constant increase of insight and capability, to constant increase in wanting to achieve, to more and more love, to more and more people.

Therefore this YES is a cheerful yes, a confident yes, a great yes, a wide open, all embracing yes. It constantly transcends our present boundaries.

This Yes moves in accord with creative movement. In harmony with it, as is an ongoing movement. From moment to moment it is new, awake, full of expectation, untiring and glad.

There is also a different yes. This yes is only a pretend yes. This yes is a farewell to the yes that support life. We know it as resignation, as the passive submission to fate, often covered in the cloak of pious surrender to the will of God.

This yes paralyses us.The creative movement is suffocated in it, and with it, life itself, often love as well, and happiness cannot possibly survive this yes.

When we find ourselves caught up in this yes, we overcome it with yes to life, with the yes that looked to the future with confidence and is joyous even in difficult circumstances. And our eyes gladly take up the invitation and begin to shine again and even in adversity we make a supreme effort to take up its offer and it’s challenges to the utmost- knowing nothing is the final end.

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