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Success VS Fulfillment

Are you going after success or you are on the path of creating true fulfillment?

What is the difference between the two?

The most apparent difference between success and fulfillment has to do with how we feel about our overall quality of life, not just materially, but inside ourselves as well. Fulfillment helps us to experience joy and a sense of wholeness.

Both success and fulfillment require that we actively apply ourselves to accomplish something that feels great to us. These achievements will not happen of their own accord without our active participation. Success without fulfillment can be a disappointment. If the goal is just to achieve success, you’ll feel you put all your effort into achieving something without having a purpose or true deeper connection to the result. Reaching success may bring a fleeting instant of gratification, but shortly thereafter will come a nagging hunger to have something more and begin the next conquest.

Gaining fulfillment, on the other hand, is about you expressing your creative self from a deep place within, and doing so in such a way that serves a greater whole. Fulfillment focuses on having the highest quality of life and creating value, while being present to the journey, which allows for true inner-contentment.

Creating a fulfilling life requires self-awareness and knowing ourselves. Fulfillment comes when we understand how we can individually best function in the world, make a positive contribution, and create the results we desire.

Focusing on fulfillment allows for the pathways to higher levels of consciousness and inner guidance to become clear. Fulfillment focuses on creating positive impact, purpose, happiness, and wisdom. When we build a soul-satisfying value into the projects we work on we begin to feel fulfillment.

Fulfillment is a completely personal experience and is relative based on your needs, thus it has nothing to do with societal or other outer expectations and measuring sticks. The only measure is your own sense of wellbeing, joy, creative expression, and somehow making a difference that really matters to you.

Essentially, fulfillment takes into consideration your deepest, truest self and the way that you feel, rather than getting a high from external gratification. Fulfillment will require you to dive deep into WHO you are to genuinely know yourself and work for the greatest good of yourself and others.

One pitfall is that many people believe that they need to succeed to be happy, when in fact the truth is once we find fulfillment we’ll have both success and happiness.

Fulfillment comes when we pursue our highest path and focus on the energy of doing what we love. It is an art that focuses on life and our being as a whole, instead of compartmentalizing specific achievements to measure success. In this way striving for success can be like an addiction, while achieving fulfillment grants a sense of freedom.

We can achieve greater fulfillment by really looking within and knowing what our core values are, listening to and honoring what our soul really desires, and understanding how we truly want to feel in life. Then we must align our actions and mission with the purpose of our highest self.

It is important to be grateful along the journey, celebrate your victories, both big and small, and give beyond yourself. True fulfillment comes when we focus on our life purpose and reason for being as a whole. Learning to achieve goals and success while focusing on your overall fulfillment will greatly increase your happiness and open up a path to creating an excellent life.

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