The same question has been spinning in my head over an over - "why? How did it happen? Was it possible to prevent this?" ... Marina, stop! Do you not remember the words of your adored Bert Hellinger, from whom you so diligently studied family constellations, who said: “Thinking that you could change someone’s fate, you thereby put yourself above God”? Hmm, and yet ... .?

A thick, suffocating blackness with a taste of guilt and a keen awareness of irreversible loss is again rolling in a wave on me. I know it too well, I know that tears will follow. ..I wonder if  this pain will someday subside ....? How deep is this black hole? It feels like I'm in a free fall in the dark and will never reach the bottom and this night will go on forever. I forgot what it means light, joy, smile. It seems to me that life does not make sense without my only sister.

".... You could not save your little sister! You are mired in your little world: career, travel, romances…

     Did it make you happy? Are you happy right now? When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk with your sister? Oh. Sorry, I have forgotten - you have no time..."

Enough! Shut up my brain !!! Unfortunately, often the tragic events that somehow affected our lives make us stop and think - who am I?  Where am I going? What is important in life? 

A kick in the ass from the Universe. An explicit invitation from the Higher Powers to wake up. And such an invitation came to me, through the loss of my little sister ...

Fortunately, the black labyrinth of sorrow led me to a bright lighthouse called ‘My Soul”, about which I had forgotten a little by my 40+ years old, spinning in the carousel of frenzy that we used to call life.

I created “Art of Healing” for those who want to wake up without waiting for "an invitation". By “wake up” I mean returning to yourself, turning to The Soul, living consciously, without fear and guilt, with an open heart and gleam in the eyes. It means accepting and loving yourself and your closed ones, realizing your true desires and aspirations. Are you ready to try?